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"“If music be the food of love, play on”"


At the Cathedral Archer Project, we encourage creativity and organise up to 20 different activities a week to facilitate this.


This week, as it was International Jazz Day, we hosted a day in our project to celebrate the creation and enjoyment of music.

Our clients were asked their favourite song choice or musical memory, which were played throughout the project all morning. With the choices ranging from Robbie Williams to Ave Maria, lack of variety was never lacking.

The daily lunchtime serving was also spiced up. The clients enjoyed a main dish of chicken stew followed by live acoustic performances by Ben, Alesha and Nat. One client’s rendition of Status Quo’s “Rocking all over the world” was a particular highlight.

A good day enjoyed by all, the client’s comments afterwards included:

“Enjoyable” “Felt uplifted” “Good experience to have something different” “Be good to have more entertainment”

The Project would like to thank the musicians and Matt for providing the entertainment.

If you are interested in getting involved with social bean in the future you can contact Matt at

Social Bean are hosting Juicy Jam on Friday 23rd May with all proceeds going to the Cathedral Archer Project. At the event we are creating 3 work experience posts for homeless clients of the Archer Project/Big Issue in the North. Because the only way homelessness can end is if we take resposibility for it. Come and be a part of a huge movement towards humanity. Details can be found on the Facebook page