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Getting Involved: Friday Activities


Sasha, a journalist student, sits in on our screenwriting group last Friday.


The Archer Project runs a wide variety of groups and activities for those who use the centre, including social media, art and film clubs. Every six months the activities change, allowing people to explore new hobbies and interests. All the groups aim at helping individuals to build their confidence, self-esteem and provide them with a sense of achievement.

This week I got involved in the Friday screenwriting group run by two partner volunteers*. The screenwriting group use prompts to come up with their own scripts - they have even made short films out of these!

The focus this week was on discussion: we looked at the magazine ‘The Unexplained’ and debated all things supernatural, including ghosts and old-school mysteries.

Everyone got involved as we discussed our opinions on what we thought about some of the creepiest unexplained stories we could find, and it was easy to see why so many people enjoy coming to the activities. It gave those there a space to express themselves, to develop their own opinions and explore new topics.

One of the volunteers who co-ordinates some of the groups spoke about the impact that these can have on those who participate:

“We’ve had groups such as social media, colouring and photography, but the most popular are the educational and job search based activities…[everyone who comes] builds a lot of confidence.”


*Partner volunteers, are volunteers who also access the services and support that the Project offers.

Getting Involved: Friday Activities image