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Inside KickBack Recovery


When facing a substance addiction or dependence, the initial push into recovery can often be the hardest thing someone does.

The group KickBack Recovery aims to help individuals to make those steps and keep making those steps through creating a space where people can share their experiences. Addiction is not easily overcome with many who attend the group having had substance issues for decades.  

When visiting one Wednesday morning it was clear that attendees were often struggling with their addictions and their place in the world, but these worries and fears were reassured by Mick (project organiser) and the volunteers.

One of the key aspects of KickBack Recovery is that it allows an accessible approach to recovery, and creates a community that is supportive.

People often come and go as they please from the meeting, as there was no pressure to stay if they feel uncomfortable or effected by the emotional stories being told.

Every meeting begins with an icebreaker activity to help people feel more comfortable. Then individuals share their stories and update each other on their progress. Often guest speakers attend the group and share their experience with addiction and recovery to inspire and motivate the group.

One of the volunteers who has been involved in the group for several months highlighted how the meetings are a safe place to talk with others, to share how their recovery is going, and a place to signpost individuals to other services of support.

On Fridays the meeting takes a different course, with a day trip that aims to provide the group with some valuable time away to take a breather. The group takes pack lunches and goes to places such as Castleton, Chatsworth House, and even Emmerdale Studios.

For many KickBack Recovery has provided them with a vital lifeline: “It’s a big deal to ask for help admit there’s a problem. Coming to the Archer Project was the best thing I ever did.”

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