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The High Sheriff's Summer Reception


The High Sheriff's Summer Reception highlighted the issues of homelessness.

At his Summer Reception earlier this month the High Sheriff asked those present to imagine that they were now homeless:

“I want you to picture your journey home tonight to your comfortable and secure home with food in the fridge and clean sheets on the bed. Then I want you to imagine that a crisis has just befallen you and your home has gone. You are reduced to a shop doorway to sleep in with cardboard for your duvet.”

He stressed how "Homelessness is an abomination in a great Britain of 2018. We should not tolerate the sight of homeless and rough sleepers on our streets. South Yorkshire is better than that."

Those sleeping in shop doorways, on friends and family’s sofas, and in insecure accommodation rely on the numerous charities, agencies and organisations that exist across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. These organisations do not work alone in their attempts to help the homeless, but work together to help each individual find their own stable, fulfilling and enjoyable life. But South Yorkshire also has a postivie agenda separate from these organisations to end homelessness.

At the Cathedral Archer Project, we help the homeless and vulnerable of Sheffield from sleeping bag to employment. Providing hot food at breakfast and lunch, food parcels, access to medical and dental clinics on site, to computers and a phone. As well as providing opportunities to get involved in activities from English and Maths to Yoga and cooking, and become a partner volunteer helping to run our centre.

There is also the opportunity for homeless and vulnerable adults to join one of our social enterprises: Just Works or Printed By us. These enterprises offer the chance for users of the Project to gain experince in employment with support.

In bringing charities and agencies such as ourselves together the High Sheriff’s Summer Reception not only highlighted the need to put hope back into the shattered individuals who find themselves homeless, but also the interconnected work of those in this area trying to do just that.

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