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Women's Empowerment Project Worker


Sarah has joined the Cathedral Archer Project as our latest member of staff.

Sarah is primarily working as part of our Just Works programme. She is working with the women who use the Project (and women who are referred from other agencies) to support them to build their own nests.

A key part of Sarah’s work is to promote healthier lifestyles and improve the women’s individual overall wellbeing. She does this through providing volunteering and employment related opportunities to support the women in building their confidence, trust and self-esteem. These women include individuals who have used the Archer Project as well as those referred by other vulnerable adult services including Housing First and Domestic Abuse.

Using a combination of multi-agency collaboration, 1-1 support, access to volunteer programmes and the Just Works Programme, she tailors the approach around each individual’s needs, strengths and aspirations.

Just Works is one of our social enterprises that provides homeless and vulnerable adults the chance to break away from the vicious cycle of homelessness and progress from sleeping bag to employment. Discover more about Just Works. 


Abbey's Story


Abbey* has been referred by another agency. Her English is very limited and she is a quiet individual. To help bring her out of her shell Sarah has been taking Abbey for trips out in the city, such as to the Millennium Galleries and out for pizza. Spending time on a 1-1 basis with Abbey has lead to trust developing between them, and despite the language barrier they have managed to have a laugh and a joke, and Abbey is now fulfilling employed hours through the Just Works cleaning contracts.

*name changed to protect identity.


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