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Wrap Up For CAP 2019


Local companies and schools come together to raise awareness of homeless and support the Archer Project. 

Each year on a Friday in February we ask you to do one thing: to wrap up warm in hats, scarves, jumpers, anything you can get your hands on that would keep you warm.

Normally the February weather means this is an easy task – you reach for your hat and scarf every morning, but with this year’s mild weather it was something else to remember.

Being Homeless

For those people who find themselves homeless being outside on our streets is cold, lonely, and isolating regardless of whether the weather is cold or warm.

The rough sleeper snapshot estimates that there are 26 people who rough sleep on our streets in Sheffield but it is important to note that the number fluctuates with official figures suggesting that there are around 100 rough sleepers in total.

Key to helping homeless people is supporting them to into suitable accommodation – this is the only way that longer term solutions will work.

The Aim of Wrap Up For CAP

Wrap Up For CAP then has one simple aim: to raise awareness of homelessness in our city, and to bring groups of people together in a fun and simple way to support our work in helping homeless people.

From providing breakfast and lunch five days a week we aim to help homeless people build their own enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Through 1:1 support, volunteering opportunities, an activities programme, and an employment initiative we are investing in people’s futures.  

Friday 15th February

This year Tapton School, Meersbrook Bank School, as well as companies ranging from the QFM Group to HR Media, and Office Friendly got involved.

They all wrapped up warm to highlight that important fact that being homeless is not an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Without support from the local community we would not be able to open our doors to the people who need our help.

Thank you to everyone who got involved – your support is invaluable!

HR Media Wrap Up For CAP

Our Next Events

Check out our events page for all our upcoming events this year.

Sunday 12th May: View Sheffield from on high as we abseil down the Owen Building

Saturday 8th June: Music for the Homeless – the sleep out with a music festival

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