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Delivery: Meet H


Hi, I'm Hayriye but most people call me H. 

My job role at the Archer Project is Progression Support Worker.  Basically, I support the people who use the project to make progress in areas that they need support with and want change.  I work in a person-centred, empowering way.  I spend a lot of time talking to the people I support and finding out their views, needs and aspirations. 

Sometimes people know what they want to do but need the information to make an informed choice so I will find out the information for them or refer then to other agencies, if they need specialist help.  I will also offer to support them to attend the other agencies if this is what they want.  For example, I can support people to attend the housing services or private-supported living; or to attend jobseeker appointments and complete online applications.  

I have enrolled people on IT courses and supported people into volunteer roles.  I will continue to support them once volunteering or gaining accommodation and adapt my support to suit their changing needs.  


Some people are unsure what they want for the future and can feel overwhelmed with the present.  I am here to listen to them and support them in any way I can.  Sometimes just having someone take the time to listen and care without telling them what to do is all they need.  It builds trust so can ask me for support. 

There are times when the systems in place feel very unfriendly and inflexible and our chats can help them to cope by giving them the space to vent and talk through issues and when they decide to continue with the service that is making them anxious it is because they have made the decision to do it not because I have told them to.

I take people out on social events such as our trips to the theatre and the Video Games Museum.  I have taken groups to creative writing classes at a different venue, an Open Mic night and a Board Games cafe. 

 Two partner volunteers at the Video Game Musuem

The Impact

Being homeless can be a very solitary and frightening experience.  Doing these activities helps improve social skills, confidence levels and breaks up the long lonely evenings.   It also helps build friendships amongst the people who use the project, and between them and myself. 

Due to the relationships I build, I can then encourage them to try activities that they previously may not have thought of - the choice is always theirs.  Some of the onsite activities I encourage them to join are games sessions (table tennis, pool, dominos, cards, board games) and photography class where we go out into the countryside.

The above is not an exhaustive list of what I do or can do.  I am constantly learning and adapting and the people I support are my teachers and as they become more independent I can gradually reduce my support.

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