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Music for the Homeless


In ONE MONTH join us to raise vital funds to support our work supporting homeless people from sleeping bag to employment.

Music for the Homeless: a sleep out, a chance to raise awareness about homelessness, a great day out with friends and family, an opportunity to experience what it is like to sleep rough, and a music festival.


Over the last ten years we have hosted 25 sleep outs enabling people to experience for one night what sleeping rough can be like so that those who do it every night don’t have to.

Over the years many people who have taken part have shared their thoughts with us here are two of those:

“...or would I be stuck in a doorway or whatever so it did make me think about the surroundings that I was in. And I knew that I had people round about me, if I had been on my own I’d have felt incredibly vulnerable.”

You see these appeals on telly and it pulls at a heart string but then once the adverts’ gone off and you’ve donated, it’s forgotten because you’ve just handed some cash over…but when you’ve actually done something like that [the sleep out] and you get a real experience of what one night of their life’s like…it definitely had a bigger impact than just handing money over.”


But this year we are going big and want you to join us as we sleep under the stars. One night, one challenge equals a big impact in supporting our work with homeless people in Sheffield.

The registration fee of £20 for the sleep out also gets you an ticket for the music festival (attendance is optional though) from 12:30pm to 11pm, and then all you need to do is raise a minimum of £50 to sleep out from 11pm to approx. 7am.

So grab your tickets NOW and get together with your friends, family, and colleagues to challenge each other and help make this Sheffield’s biggest sleep out to date.


Music for the Homeless is kindly sponsored by HSBC, Portland Training, Primetals, City Taxis, DTS Plumbing and Heating, and Sheffield Cathedral.

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