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Help the Homeless this Summer


In Summer the homeless become invisible and forgotten.


Our work with homeless adults from sleeping bags, to employment is vital to changing lives in Sheffield. 

Why should you help? 


"Homelessness is horrific, absolutely horrific".

We need your support to continue providing help to transform many lives. For example, in 2018 we supported 1,300 individuals, this has risen dramatically from the 714 individuals we supported in 2015. 

With this rise in people using our service, we have continued to grow, develop and mould, helping people who use our project to build their own stable and fulfilling lives.

For example in the last two years we have developed our Just Works programme which provides the opportunity for people who use our centre to be employed and continue to access the support they need. Over the last 2 years we have employed 25 people through our Just Works Programme. 

Our volunteering and activities programme have also continued to adapt with pool tournaments and trips to the theatre. 

*Shelley’s Story: A good start in life can make all the difference


Shelley moved to live with her Uncle, after her mother refused to believe her step father tried to abuse her. This led to her Uncle abusing her. Shelley didn’t have a third option. 

Shelley became involved in sex work, earning money to provide for her Uncle’s herion addiction. She became addicted too. 

Shelley was 18 when she came to the Archer Project looking for somewhere to live. We supported her to work with the South Yorkshire Police, leading to her Uncle being imprisoned. 

We supported her to end her addiction and stop being a sex worker. Shelley then experienced a controlling relationship, helping her to realise how strong of a person she is. 

In her words, she “used the (Archer) project to gain a life."

She is now in full time employment and in a loving relationship. 

*Name changed for protection and privacy reasons. 

How you can help


To continue meeting the increasing demand on our services we need your help. 

DONATE NOW to ensure that we can continue to help those people who have had traumatic life experiences and are victims of the vicious cycle of repeated homelessness. 

MAKE a regular gift and help us to sustainably support our work with homeless adults from sleeping bag to employment



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