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What We Do: Breakfast Begins the Day


Breakfast is an essential part of each and every day.

In today’s modern world we are constantly surrounded by new trends, fashions and ideas about food and what we should eat. From mindful eating to mood foods we know we should eat breakfast and enjoy it because of how it sets us up for the day, but often on a busy morning we can forget and find ourselves arriving at lunchtime having only grabbed half a slice of toast or several cups of coffee.

Eating in the morning though is key to helping us achieve throughout the day, to making us happy and removing some of those grumpy morning vibes.

While many of us miss breakfast because we are busy homeless people miss breakfast because they do not have a choice.

For homeless people breakfast with us might be the only meal they get that day.


Breakfast at the Archer Project


Breakfast is one of the first steps in supporting an individual. It can begin the journey of building a strong and trusting relationship with them.

Throughout the initial Covid-19 lockdown we continued to provide breakfast every day. With the support of other agencies in Sheffield we were even able to expand this service to being 7 days a week for those who continued to rough sleep or had no benefits.

Read more to find out more about the impact of Covid-19 on our service.

James initially used the Project for breakfast as well as use of the laundry and shower facilities for two years before volunteering with us. His journey all started with breakfast.

After two years he decided to volunteer with us. Our activities and volunteering can provide purpose, enabling people to build relationships with others and make the steps to move away from homelessness. Volunteering opportunities for those who use the project range from helping in kitchen to managing the laundry, from running activities to helping operate the reception desk. It is all about helping people to develop new skills, gain a routine and improve their overall wellbeing.



What is the Breakfast Club?

Our Breakfast Club is a chance for businesses to get involved and support our work. By donating £52 a month businesses can support the running of our breakfast service. 

When you join the Breakfast Club, you will have the chance to come and serve breakfast for one week each year, along with gaining a limited edition certificate, and invitations to multiple networking and PR events. This means that you will serve on average 50 breakfasts a day for 5 days, meet the people we support, and have a positive impact on our work.

We often celebrate the businesses and individuals who take part in our Breakfast Club each year at our Breakfast networking. Though in 2020 this didn’t happen, below is a look back at our 2019 event.

To celebrate the Breakfast Club, we hosted a breakfast networking event for our corporate partners on the 31st July 2019. Many of the fabulous businesses who attended are a part of our breakfast club. Primetals and a team from Nationwide were presented with their breakfast club certificates after recently becoming members. With their help we can provide a fulfilling and enjoyable life for homeless and vulnerable adults.

Between breakfast sandwiches and many cups of coffee attendees were shown around the Project, seeing first-hand what their support achieves, and as a thank you everyone left with a Printed By us mug. Printed By us are a part of our social enterprise, Just Works, which as well as employing people, provides the support to help individuals create and achieve their own aspirations. In 2019 their amazing work led them to be named social enterprise of the year at Homeless Link and so providing our corporate partners with a small element of their work seemed a fitting celebration.  


You can read more about different elements of our work in the ‘What We Do’ blogs on our blog pages.


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