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What We Do: Mental Health Support


1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some form.

Many people who find themselves homeless often have poor mental health, because homelessness is isolating, lonely and devastating.



What We Do To Help


Our aim is help homeless people achieve a happy and fulfilling life by supporting them to develop their independence, improve their ability to tackle setbacks, and break free of negative behaviour and habits.

At the Project, we offer activities and 1-1 support that ensures individuals have the skills they need to transition from sleeping bag to fulfilling lives. We offer a wide variety of activities ranging from Maths and English, to theatre trips and lantern making. (Read our blog to find out more)

We also provide activities specifically aimed at supporting mental health and wellbeing. We have run a selection of events such as Tai Chi, weekly knitting groups, running groups and yoga sessions.

By attending these activities, we can help people conquer many issues relating to stress and addiction that mean they often fall back in to the vicious cycle of homelessness.

Many people that come to use the Project are often facing complex needs as well as dealing with the extremities that come with homelessness. We provide them with a safe and friendly environment to acknowledge and face those needs.

We also offer people in need the chance to become accustomed to a working environment again. We provide support, especially with mental health and wellbeing, to ensure they gain work experience and skills. This is done through our Just Works and Printed By Us programmes, where homeless and vulnerable people are employed by the two social enterprises.



Martin* was a repeat offender in and out of prison whilst suffering with depression. He also suffered with drug and alcohol addiction which led to him having a very negative view of how he should use his time and his ideas about himself. This often led him to be homeless.

He believed the world would be better if he were dead and that nobody would miss him.

He became a volunteer and over a five-year period of many ups and downs he tackled his drug and alcohol use.

Most significantly he started to respect others and realised he had skills and ability. Life isn’t better yet but he is still working to make it better.




Mental Health, Covid-19 and the Archer Project


Those who find themselves homeless are often isolated from society and Covid-19 has strengthened these feelings for many. It has made it more difficult for many to get the support they need to help them move away from the streets. Covid-19 has also made those homeless who were already at risk.

Throughout the pandemic we have been working with agencies across Sheffield to ensure that everyone who finds themselves homeless receives the support they need. For more information on what we are doing to help individuals during the crisis please continue reading here.

Mark* is on medication for his mental health. With the onset of lockdown many services closed and it became hard to access services to continue to receive mental health support. However, through our connections with medical professionals we supported Mark to remain on his medication and had his prescription renewed. We see Mark every day at the Project and have been able to monitor his mental health so that we can connect him with the professionals he needs if it deteriorates.


*Names changed to protect identity.


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