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School Fundraising


Do you want to be a fundraising hero? 


If the answer is yes, then you can be a hero by helping homeless people build their own nests! The Cathedral Archer Project helps homeless people change their lives for the better and you can help us do this by taking part in fun and creative activities to fundraise.

As a school there are lots of exciting ways you can get involved and raise awareness of the work we do in Sheffield.

What we’ve done so far and what you can do too! 


We provide talks in both Primary and Secondary schools to raise awareness of homelessness and how fundraising can help support the work we do. 

As well as providing talks to your pupils we can come in and talk with your school council to think about the amazing ways you can help to support homeless people.

You can contact us to come in and give a talk via the contact details below.


Food collections 


We accept food donations all year round, you can donate tinned food such as soups, meats, baked beans, vegetables and fruit. Schools often challenge themselves to raise more donations than the previous year. Why not beat our record of 563 Pot Noodles collected? Or fill a tent with tins? 

We also have several appeals throughout the autumn and christmas period where food can also be donated such as our popular Harvest Appeal and Silent Night Lonely Night Appeal.


Harvest (October)

Each year, throughout October we hold our Harvest Appeal. Harvest is a really important time for us, as it gives us a chance to collect vital supplies that we use to keep the 70-90 people who use our project every day fed with hot meals and food parcels, as well as basic toiletries that we often take for granted.

You can get involved with this by donating food such as cereals, basic toiletries, tea bags, coffee and biscuits. If you wish to take part in our Harvest Appeal, do not hesitate to contact us!


Silent Night Lonely Night (Christmas)

Each christmas we run a campaign to highlight the loneliness of homelessness. Being homeless is cold, dark and lonely.

By donating you could:

  • Buy 2 cosy sleeping bags

  • Provide a fully kitted medical room for a week

  • Buy breakfast for those who are homeless. 


Support our 2019 campaign NOW


My Sleep Out 


For a more challenging fundraising activity, you can organise your own Sleep Out and sleep in sleeping bags in your assembly hall or the playground for a night. My Sleep Out challenges you and others to give up your bed for the night and experience in a small way what sleeping rough is like.

By removing a part of your life that you may take for granted, My Sleep Out helps you better understand the impact homelessness can have on a person - even if it just for one night. All you need is: 

  • A sleeping bag

  • A roll mat or piece of cardboard

  • You may want to make sure you have access to toilets nearby if you are not at home

That’s it!


To make your My Sleep Out more fun, here are a few ideas:

  • Make a bonfire, toast marshmallows and sing camp songs!

  • Serve warm soup to help keep up morale

  • Challenge yourselves to make your own shelter out of natural materials in case it rains

Wrap Up For CAP


On Friday 14th February 2020 we will be wearing as many warm clothes as we can to raise awareness of homelessness, and we would love to get everyone involved!

February is a tough month for those on the streets with many needing more help due to the cold. Please show your support by getting everyone to wear their favourite scarves, and hats.

A small donation from everyone taking part can make a HUGE difference.


Walk In My Shoes


Why not organise a sponsored walk? They are really popular and easy to organise yourself!  People can have fun and exercise whilst making a difference. A walk can take place anywhere and the goal is flexible depending on the age group. All you need is your walking shoes and a sense of adventure! 


Mundella Primary School’s Fundraising Story 


A child in Year 6 from the Mundella Primary School noticed how many homeless people there were in the Sheffield City Town Centre and decided to organise a school sleep out. The kids loved the event, especially playing games and eating marshmallows before bed.

“I am very proud of them. They are so pleased they have been able to do it. They are passionate in raising the money, and getting the donations” Will Smith, School Head Teacher.

The school raised £1200 and donated boxes of clothing.

You can get creative and fundraise by taking a look at our School Fundraising Pack or contacting Emily.


Telephone: 0114 3212318

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