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What We Do: Just Works and Printed By Us


Helping people overcome challenging circumstances and transform their lives. 


Our ‘What We Do’ blog series has introduced you to what we do at the Archer Project from serving breakfast through to running activities and providing volunteering opportunities

Everything we do is aimed at providing individuals with the opportunities to build a fulfilling and stable life and Just Works and Printed By us do just that.


What is Just Works?


Just Works is a social enterprise that provides an innovative approach to development through employment, support and healthy living.

The programme has three core elements: supported work, mentoring and participation in regular engagement and wellbeing activity.

Just Works and its development is governed by the partner participants enabling them to not only build their own long term career goals but also help create the programme that they are a part of.

The wellbeing programme includes a range of activities such as:

  • One to one counselling
  • Managing emotions sessions
  • Yoga
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Running
  • Physical exercise generally
  • Trips away such as camping in the Peak District or simply going to the cinema.

The key element is that it is time spent with a focus on being healthy and happy. Read more about the Just Works Wellbeing Programme.

In just over 3 years the programme has supported 25 vulnerable adults, many of whom had no previous work experience and long histories of substance misuse and offending, into paid employment.

This employment on offer covers a range of different sectors and experience:

  • Working or volunteering in one of the micro-businesses such as Printed By us
  • Delivery of service contracts which offers paid work. These contracts are linked with business partners such as Sheffield Bid, Klear Commercial, Kier Construction, Union Street, and Sheffield Cathedral to name but a few.
  • Catering roles. In the past this has led to individuals working with Sheffield Cathedral, Blend Kitchen, and Sheffield Tigers Rugby Club.


Women's Empowerment Project


Our Women's Empowerment Project within the Just Works Programme aims to reduce homelessness and the risk of homelessness for women in Sheffield.

Sheffield has a great existing network of crisis related supporting services specifically designed for female victims of domestic abuse and survivors of human trafficking. However, when this support comes to an end, women are left incredibly vulnerable and at risk of regression. These women need continued, consistent support throughout the journey of recovery and independence to prevent re-entering the vicious cycle or further risk of homelessness. Our project aims to support this need.

We support the women we work with to build their security, resilience and thereby reducing the overall reducing the risk of homelessness and the cycle of repeated homelessness.

We aim to prevent people from descending into, or back into, crisis by:

  • Building confidence, trust and self-esteem through 1:1 mentoring.
  • Providing volunteering and employment related opportunities in a supported capacity within our organisation and externally. 
  • Promoting healthier lifestyles and improving each individual’s overall well-being through the facilitation of our comprehensive well-being programme.
  • Offering a pathway to recovery, mental health and peer support groups.


What is Printed By us?


At its simplest Printed By us prints positive change. But how does it do this?

The micro-business runs screen printing workshops to teach vulnerable people the craft of hand screen printing. The artwork they print is often designed specifically for them by local creatives and so each print is signed by the artists and the screen printer.

They then market and sell the prints to the public and pop-up stalls across Sheffield City Region and online.

The project is all about building and creating opportunities and confidence. It therefore has a hugely positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those involved, and it, like Just Works, is directed and run by the people who have overcome challenging circumstances themselves.


For James the Just Works and Printed By us enterprise has changed his life:

“Being part of Just works has been so vital to my recovery and progression over the last 3 years. I have gained many skills, confidence and built my self-worth. I am now a responsible and productive member of society and continue to work on my recovery and all areas of my life on a daily basis. I am as all of us are a work in progress. My life is now about trying to improve myself, rather than chasing perfection!

Seeing my fellow partner participants progress with their journeys as I am doing is amazing to see and I am eternally grateful as I see it grow, transforming more people’s lives.”



Social Enterprise of the Year


We are hugely delighted and proud of Just Works and Printed By us for winning the national ‘Social Enterprise of the Year’ award at the Homeless Link Excellence Awards in 2019.

This award recognises social enterprises that can demonstrate a clear vision, strategic direction and business excellence alongside a social impact that is creating better outcomes for individuals experiencing homelessness.

And it shows it works!


To support Just Works and Printed By us visit the PBU website and be part of the journey in helping vulnerable adults to build their fulfilling lives.

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