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Homeless Covid-19 Appeal


Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support over the last few months. Your donations and support through lockdown have enabled us to continue to be able to support homeless and vulnerable people. To understand the impact your donation has made please see our latest blog: 'Covid-19, Funding and the Impact on our work.' 

If you would still like to support us you can do so here

Thank you again for your amazing support. 




Will you help us to remain there for homeless and vulnerable people as we fight Covid-19?

These are unprecedented and frightening times and we hope that you and your loved ones are in good health.

Here at the Cathedral Archer Project we are following Government advice and have put strict measures in place to protect the people we support, our staff and volunteers.

As we are sure you appreciate, as a charity that exists to protect and care for homeless and vulnerable people, we are concentrating on how to care for homeless people in a safe and sustainable way. Food, laundry, showers and health services are needed now more than ever. We are doing all we can to help mitigate the impact of Coronavirus on their health and well-being.


“And its only through places like this that are going to keep us alive. Never used the place before, can’t say nothing bad about it, all good.”


We are continuing to provide access to our centre to those who remain rough sleeping enabling them to shower, wash their clothes and eat some food.

Alongside a number of agencies and organisations we have been continuing to support those who have gained accommodation in hotels and hostels through the Government scheme. As part of this response we have been acting as a food hub preparing c.200 meals a day to vulnerably housed people. At the height of the lockdown, seven days a week, hot meals and sandwich bags were delivered by volunteers across the city, meaning that support workers across different agencies could do what they do best, support people.

Alongside this work our social enterprises Just Works and Printed By Us have both continued to support vulnerable adults in employment. Cleaning contracts with businesses such as Sheffield Bid continued throughout lockdown providing individuals with work, and Printed By Us have continued shipping orders. One of the central aspects of Just Works is the well-being programme, and through the hard work of our support workers this has gone virtual, meaning that those involved in Just Works who have been shielding throughout lockdown have continued to recieve the vital support they need. 

You can follow our activities on Facebook and Twitter as we share stories of the people who are using the Project throughout Covid-19. The video here explains how everything had been working through lockdown.  


The Impact of the Fire


Following the fire on our premises with Sheffield Cathedral on 14th May this work continued. We procided breakfast through our gate to rough sleepers as usual each morning, and for one week the multi-agency work providing 'meals on wheels' to those housed moved to The Milestone Pub at Crystal Peaks. 

Now we are operational again, and this multi-agency work is once again based at the Project. The Domino Hall, however, our activity and storage space will be out of action for the foreseeable future. 


How You Can Help


Following the COVID-19 lockdown we needed to raise money to provide meals for an increasing amount of vulnerable people and now we also have the post fire challenges to our operations.

This means that whilst we have funds to help us in this short term we will also need to continue to fundraise to keep the project going and to provide our additional services as we’ve lost our space for workshops and storage following the fire.

Consequently, we are appealing to any who are able to support us financially to do so in order to continue our work. 

Please will you consider helping us reach out to homeless and vulnerable people during this incredibly difficult period.

£10 could buy a cosy sleeping bag

£25 could provide a cooked breakfast for 10 people

£50 can help to maintain a fully kitted medical room for a week.

Today, perhaps more than most, we are hoping we can count on you.

Our charity was founded to support and care for homeless and vulnerable people and we are determined that we must continue to be there for them as the lockdown continues and after it, when they need us more than ever before.

We hope you are in a position to help ensure this is the case by giving a donation today. 

You can support us by donating here.

Thank you


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