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Covid-19, Keeping Active and the Archer Project


Keep yourself active and support homeless people in Sheffield whilst staying at home. 

We all know that staying at home right now is really important to support our NHS and prevent the spread of Coronavirus. However, staying at home is not always that easy it can be lonely, boring and frustrating.

Looking after your mental health is important even without the stress of a pandemic. Every Mind Matters has put together some tips and advice on how to look after your mental health, and the government also has wider guidance on staying at home



Feeling Isolated with Nowhere to Self-Isolate


But just imagine how hard it would be if you did not have your home to self-isolate in right now.

For many in March, when the lock-down began, this was a grim reality.

In the context of Covid-19 we have been doing all that we can to support those people who do not have a home to stay in.

Sheffield City Council, has in recent weeks, found accommodation for a large number of people who were rough sleeping, however, there continue to be people who are rough sleeping on our streets.

We are working alongside a number of agencies, including Framework, to help those who are still out on the streets.

Our focus has been on continuing to support people as much as we possibly can. Continuing to be there with food, showers and a friendly face has helped people to continue to move forwards.

The words of Nick in the video highlight how the Coronavirus has impacted individuals and continues to do so, but how with support it can be okay.



What you can do at home to help your mental health and those who are homeless


So whilst we are continuing to help those we support, we wanted to put some things together to help you, the people that support us, and keep you active.


The 2.6 challenge

This has been created by the UK’s mass participation events industry due to the loss of funds raised by events such as The London Marathon. As a result the challenge launches on the 26th April, the day that would have been London Marathon Day.

All you need to do to take part is come up with an idea around the number 2.6 or 26 and then get fundraising. For some inspiration head over to the 2.6 Challenge Website, and to get fundraising for us visit JustGiving today.


Challenges at home

Apart from the 2.6 Challenge there is lots you can do at home from the 30 day plank challenge to decluttering and donating.

Check out our Challenges at Home Event Page for lots of ideas of how you can have fun and support us.


Sleep In

On Friday 17th April 2020 a number of you got together with your household and built dens, put up tents in your back gardens and slept in for us.

Just because April 17th has been and gone does not mean that you cannot still Sleep In, we want lots of you to sleep out of your bed for one night, and have fun whilst doing so. What better opportunity is there to build a den in the living room than lockdown!


If you have any questions or need any support with your challenges or fundraising then please just get in touch today:




Thank you for supporting us throughout this period, and we hope that you are well.

Stay Home, Stay Safe


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