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Update Following Fire at the Archer Project


There has been a huge response following the fire and the subsequent clean up. We’d like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to all those who have volunteered, to the public for their generous donations and to our regular supporters and donors.


Following the COVID-19 lockdown we needed to raise money to provide meals for an increasing amount of vulnerable people and now we also have the post fire challenges to our operations.


This means that whilst we have funds to help us in this short term we will also need to continue to fundraise to keep the project going and to provide our additional services as we’ve lost our space for workshops and storage following the fire.


At present we are supplying 200 meals a day plus lunches and breakfasts. We are also working on how we can now open our premises for breakfasts whilst adhering to government guidelines rather than passing food through our gates. We will continue to deliver food as required working alongside the other agencies.


If you wish to do so you can support our JustGiving Campaign.

Update Following Fire at the Archer Project image