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The Next Step


What is happenning now that lockdown has eased?


What were we doing during lockdown?


With the onset of lockdown in March our service changed considerably. We continued to remain open to support rough sleepers, those not on benefits and those not accommodated. Our approach quickly became a multi-agency one with numerous Sheffield agencies and organisations working together to ensure that those both in accommodation and those who remained on the streets had access to support, food, showers and laundry facilities.

Through this multi-agency support the Project was open 7 days a week and a ‘’meals on wheels’ service was operated with meals going out to those who were vulnerably housed. At its height around 200 meals were being prepared every day.

In amongst all of this we were impacted by a fire on May 14th, our service offer did not stop throughout this time but extra considerations have had to be put in place since, as we now have even less space that we can use inside the building.

To find out more about how we responded during lockdown please see our blog: ‘Covid-19, Funding and the Impact on our Work’.


What are we doing now?


We are still primarily supporting those who are rough sleeping, not on benefits and not accommodated. This is to ensure that there are not too many people coming down to the centre.

At the Project laundry, showers, computers, telephones, breakfast and lunch are all available for those rough sleeping.

Going forwards we are looking at how we can safely make our service available within the Project rather than serving food through the gate and working with people outside.

With the easing of lock-down we are seeing an increased number of people who are rough sleeping. On one morning 18 new individuals were found rough sleeping by Framework and brought to the Project for breakfast. These individuals had recently lost jobs and homes.

Those who are accommodated and are on benefits we are engaging with in different ways:

  • We are continuing to support the ‘meals on wheels’ service which has now moved offsite.
  • Our Just Works wellbeing programme, for those involved in the social enterprise, is continuing with socially distanced picnics occurring in different parks. For more information on the Just Works wellbeing programme please see here, or you can discover what Just Works does as a whole here.
  • Our progression support worker, H, is re-engaging with people both accommodated and not accommodated with 1:1 support and social activities.  This includes: signing people up on training courses and supporting those already on courses; helping with benefits; phoning for PIP applications; supporting to get medication; sorting Disability Bus Pass applications and supporting people with opening bank accounts. 


Partner Volunteers


With the easing of lock-down we have been able to bring staff back from furlough and re-provide our partner volunteers with opportunities.

During lockdown we knew that there were people who were staying in their accommodation who needed support because they would suffer from loneliness and potentially slip back into negative habits. Volunteering again has provided them with renewed purpose and a more positive outlook.

Kevin* is one of our partner volunteers and has recently been volunteering in our kitchen helping to prep the meals. Being in the kitchen has given him a new lease of life. On being given a number of ingredients to cook lunch one day he produced a delicious cottage pie which went down a storm. Kevin is just one of our partner volunteers who we have been able to bring back into our kitchen as lockdown has eased.


If you are able to support us to continue to help homeless and vulnerable adults it would be greatly appreciated. Support us now

For how you can help in other ways please see our Get Involved page.


*Name changed to protect identity.

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