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World Homelessness Day


World Homelessness and World Mental Health Day 2020

The 10th October is World Homelessness Day and World Mental Health Day. It is a chance to highlight the indignity of homelessness, what is being done to not only prevent it but to help those people who find themselves without a home, and highlight the importance of our mental wellbeing.

Being homeless is being without stable accommodation, it is sleeping rough, it is finding temporary, short term accommodation, it is sofa surfing.

Homelessness is isolating, lonely and devastating.

Many people who find themselves homeless often have poor mental health. This World Mental Health Day focuses on the mental health impact of Covid-19.

Those who find themselves homeless are often isolated from society and Covid-19 has strengthened these feelings for many. It has made it more difficult for many to get the support they need to help them move away from the streets. Covid-19 has also made those homeless who were already at risk.

Throughout the pandemic we have been working with agencies across Sheffield to ensure that everyone who finds themselves homeless receives the support they need.  

Mark* is on medication for his mental health. With the onset of lockdown many services closed and it became hard to access services to continue to receive mental health support. However, through our connections with medical professionals we supported Mark to remain on his medication and had his prescription renewed. We see Mark every day at the Project and have been able to monitor his mental health so that we can connect him with the professionals he needs if it deteriorates.

*Name changed to protect identity.


30 Days of Homelessness


This year World Homelessness Day falls within our 30 Days of Homelessness which mark our 30th anniversary at The Cathedral Archer Project. We have a whole calendar of events and would love you to get involved. 

Support our 30 Days to ensure that people who are homeless recieve the support they need. 

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