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My Sleep Out


On Saturday, July 12, groups of family and friends gave up their beds for the night and shared their experiences on social media.  

The Cathedral Archer Project encouraged supporters to get out their sleeping bags and post a selfie in support of their work with the homeless.

Everyone loves taking selfies and this campaign encouraged people to do so for a good cause.

My Sleep Out made people think and maybe begin to understand the impact homelessness can have on a person – even if only for one night.

Supporters joined in by taking a photo of themselves in a sleeping bag, making a donation by text message and posting the selfie with the hashtag #mysleepout on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to encourage their friends to do the same.

The aim of the hashtag campaign went far beyond sleeping bags. By giving up their bed for the night, participants are removed a part of their life that they may take for granted.

Homelessness is not a choice and the feeling you have after a bad night’s sleep is bound to make you consider life without a home.

As well as rough sleepers, the Cathedral Archer Project helps adults experiencing other forms of homelessness, such as sofa surfers and people staying in temporary hostels.

The day centre next to Sheffield Cathedral is a place where homeless adults are treated as individuals and provided with food, showers, education, medical support, activities and volunteering opportunities, among other things.

In the long term, their mission is to help people move on, create homes and the new lives that come with it.

Everyone who gets in their sleeping bag and posts a selfie on 12th July will be making a difference. All funds raised for the Cathedral Archer Project will go directly towards supporting homeless adults in Sheffield to change their lives for the better.

You can still support the campaign by making a donation. Text “myso50£X” to 70070 (choose and an amount to donate).

The date of our next Sleep Out at the Cathedral is Friday 5th September. To sign up, please complete and return the Sleep Out Booking Form

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