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World Homeless Day


On the 10th of October every year people across the world come together to mark World Homeless Day.  

This year the Cathedral Archer Project joined the event to raise awareness and understanding of homelessness but in a suitably unusual way.

Ruby and Jade swapped their warm office in exchange for a sofa and a windy forecourt outside Sheffield Cathedral. They sat outside all day, come rain or shine, to encourage people to take some time out of their day to consider how lucky they are to have a safe, warm place to live.

Sofas were used to raise awareness about sofa surfing being a large element of homelessness which people aren’t always aware of but they also proved a unique way to get people’s attention on the day.

We teamed up with Emmaus, another homeless charity, who like CAP support people out of homelessness. They kindly brought along the sofas and spent the day with us. Luckily the weather stayed dry and sunny and we got a lot of support from the local community.

We asked people to sit with us on our sofas, and to consider what it might be like to have thier home on the streets, with no warmth; entirely vulnerable with no security at all.

We hope that the event raised vital awareness and understanding of homelessness and we hope perceptions were changed. It was eye opening to sit on the sofa and hear the stories some members of the public shared with us about their experiences of being homeless. It proved that it really can happen to anyone.  

Whilst our aim was not to raise funds, we were extremely grateful to have raised £120 from donations- this money will go towards supporting the homeless in Sheffield.

Thank you to everyone who donated or came and supported us on the day.

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