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Cathedral Archer Project’s 25th Anniversary Celebration of Carols


On Friday 12th December at 12.30pm, people came together for the Cathedral Archer Project's 25th Anniversary Celebration of Carols.


“It was Tuesday December 6th 1988 at 07.30. A cold and damp Sheffield morning surrounded the Cathedral” began Bishop John Gladwin, addressing those gathered for the Cathedral Archer Project’s 25th Anniversary Celebration of Carols “As I celebrated Holy Communion from behind the altar I could see across the nave of the Cathedral where 8 homeless men had gathered in the south aisle sheltering from the weather”

He was telling the story of the origins of the Project, which began 25 years ago with Bishop Gladwin alongside Captain Alan Turner serving breakfast to the homeless at the Cathedral.

Over the years the Project has grown and grown and the Carol Service highlighted the long journey it has been on. To mark this journey the congregation heard 25 stories of those who had used the Project. They were read by a mixture of staff, volunteers and those currently using the Project.

Some were stories of great success and triumph whilst others spoke of the failure of many to achieve the life of stability they went to the Project in search of. All highlighted the massive contribution that the Cathedral Archer Project has made to soo many lives in the Sheffield community.

Bishop Gladwin went on to praise the Project  as a source of inspiration, saying “The presence of the Archer Project in the heart of this great city is witness to the need for a vision of a different, more just caring and equitable future for our own society and especially for those who live on the margins.” And as the service came to an end, everyone came together to share soup and exchange stories about the Project and how it had touched their lives. 

Cathedral Archer Project’s 25th Anniversary Celebration of Carols image