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Wear a Woolly Day, It's a Wrap!


On Friday the 6th February we held our ‘Wear a Woolly’ day across the city and whilst it wasn’t a particularly bracing day, everyone was getting wrapped up and in the spirit!

Our Twitter and Facebook was bursting full of all your woolly selfies! Businesses such as Cartwright King Solicitors, HR Media, You Say Social, Hydra Creative and TDC all sent us their team pictures from the day.

We also had some of our individual supporters uploading their selfies from the day, including one with Iggy Pop (or at least a very convincing double)!

We were out and about too, catching up with those involved. Music was in the air with our friend Ian busking for us on Fargate sporting a very fetching woolly hat. We also went to visit Electric Works who were taking part in the day and they even let us have a go on the office helter skelter which was a bit of a novelty. You can see more of the action from the day on our storify here:

Whilst we are still waiting for some of the money raised to be handed in, we are set to make a great total. We currently at over £700 and growing!

Wear a Woolly Day, It's a Wrap! image