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Sainsbury’s Local Arundel Gate collects over £1000 for the Cathedral Archer Project


Since summer Sainsbury’s Local Arundel Gate has been supporting the work we do here at the Cathedral Archer Project. 

They have been wonderful supporters, helping us in many ways and most recently they have collected over £1000 for us in collection tins. This is an amazing result and we must also extend our thanks to the customers of the Arundel Gate store as it is their money which has been jangling in the tins.

£1000 can do a great deal in CAP. For instance, it will provide breakfasts for homeless adults in Sheffield for a whole fortnight. On an average day, we serve 50 hot breakfasts as well as cereal, porridge, toast and hot drinks.

Breakfast provides an essential lifeline for people. It also offers us the chance to engage with our clients and give them the foundations for change. Everyone who visits the project for breakfast also has access to lunch, health support and occupational activities.

Alongside this support, Sainsbury’s Local Arundel Gate has also helped us in many other ways. They have provided us with items of food that were in short supply, as well as a £100 gift card so that we won’t run out of any food items for a while. They have also organised customer collections of food. In September they sent a team down on our Sleep Out event and helped raise over £300 for the Project in sponsorship.

Sainsbury’s Local Arundel Gate is a shining example of how local businesses can give back and make a difference in the local community.

Sainsbury’s Local Arundel Gate collects over £1000 for the Cathedral Archer Project image