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Sister Duo go Head to Head in Charity Fundraising Competition


Twin sisters Sophia and Anouschka van Mourik have helped raise over £2000 for local homeless charity the Cathedral Archer Project.

Having recently moved to Sheffield and joined Tapton and King Edward VII schools, Sophia and Anouschka noticed the sense of competition between the two rivals and thought a real test was in order – which school could raise the most money for charity! Enlisting the help of friends they set off on their mission. Sophia raised money at King Edward’s through a mixture of bake sales, form collections and also some teacher soaking. Whilst, Anouschka held non-uniform days and bake sales at Tapton School.

The two girls got others involved too with Nick Harris, from Tapton School, also raising money through a 25km sponsored run from Sheffield to Bakewell. The 296 Lodge Moor Cubs were also enlisted by Sophia and Anouschka and organised their own talent night at St Luke’s Church Lodge Moor. The night was a massive success with money raised from ticket sales, donations and HSBC matching the money raised.

Both sisters felt especially strongly that the Cathedral Archer Project should be the charity to receive the money raised. Anouschka says “Having only recently moved to Sheffield, I have been shocked by the amount of homeless people on the streets throughout the winter. And I thought raising money for Cathedral Archer Project would go further than a one off coffee or sandwich.” For Nick it was his desire to have an impact on homelessness “Whenever I see homeless people in town I find myself in an awkward position; sometimes I don't have spare change or don't know how to help. Donating to the project gives me faith that my fundraising will make an actual positive difference.”

The £2000 raised will help support homeless and vulnerable adults in Sheffield. The Archer Project offers homeless adults a means to achieve a better life through one to one support, volunteering opportunities and activities. There is also the provision of crisis support such as access to a nurse and dentist, showers, laundry and hot meals. If you are interested in doing your own fundraising for the Project or to find out more then please get in touch with Emily at

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