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Crystal Clean, Cleaning Company Lends a Hand to the Archer Project!


Crystal Clean Service Ltd is delighted to announce it is joining the Cathedral Archer Project’s Breakfast Club and is already lending a helping hand to keep the project looking its best.

For Hayley Gillbard, managing director of Crystal Clean, the enthusiasm of her staff for the project made supporting it an easy decision to take.

“Crystal Clean's employees were all very keen for us to help out the Archer Project. A few of them have even experienced homelessness themselves, so this is a cause close to all of us at Crystal Clean, and we're looking forward to assisting the project in any way we can”

Crystal Clean is supporting the project by lending their services free of charge, and carrying out a deep clean of the project premises. The Archer Project is a busy centre seeing between 60 – 70 people a day, and keeping it clean can be a hard task.

Crystal Clean will also be joining the Cathedral Archer Project’s Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club is an initiative for businesses to support CAP to provide breakfasts for homeless adults in Sheffield for a whole week.

Tim Renshaw, CEO at CAP said ‘Breakfast is an essential lifeline for people, and can mean the difference between surviving and moving towards a stable life. It allows CAP the chance to engage with those on the street and is often the first step towards people changing their lives.’

Everyone who visits the Project for breakfast also has access to lunch, medical care and shower and laundry facilities. There are also volunteering and activities which develop skills, build friendships and boost self-confidence.

Along with other companies in Sheffield, Crystal Clean is making a significant, tangible difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our city.

To become a member of the Breakfast Club please contact Emily at

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