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I'm Not Just Homeless In Winter.


Why do people only think about the homeless when it’s cold?



When you are caught in a sudden summer shower or storm, you are able to change into dry clothes and shelter from the rain. One of the people who use our project said in the summer ‘when I’m wet, I stay wet’.

In the hot weather simple things like cold water and sun cream can be difficult for homeless people to access leading to dehydration, heat exhaustion and sun stroke.

Self-esteem during the summer is especially low for people without a home. Personal hygiene and clean clothing is a struggle as they have no access to showers and often will have limited spare clothes, which will often be unsuitable for the hot weather.

People are homeless and vulnerable all year round and need help throughout the year, not just in winter.

We offer our support all year.  Please help us by making a donation today.

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