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Launch of Anti-Begging Campaign


Alongside Sheffield City Council, South Yorkshire Police and other agencies across the city we recently launched the Anti-Begging Campaign to raise public awareness of the best ways that people can help the lives of people who beg in Sheffield.


Working together, we are promoting the fact that there are services and support available in Sheffield. And for people that want to help, then giving to charity is the best way to do this.

CAP is fully behind the launch and Tim Renshaw our CEO said “When people are begging and can make a living from begging, some people don’t see a reason to stop. And it’s not a good life – it’s an impoverished one”

At CAP we estimate that around 40 people regularly beg for money in the city centre.

Jayne Forrest, Chief Inspector of Operations in the City Centre at South Yorkshire Police, said: “South Yorkshire Police is keen to support this initiative and would encourage people to give to charities rather than people who beg to make sure they receive the right support.”

This partnership is giving information to people at the train station, in the city centre and to students during Freshers week.

Let’s work together to help people who beg to have access to a fulfilling and enjoyable life

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