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Happy Christmas from everyone at The Cathedral Archer Project


Danielle and Wayne who both visit the project shared two Christmas poems at our Carol Service this year.



Christmas, By Danielle

In the year 2003 Christmas changed for me.

The meaning was still the same, it was still about being with family and friends but it had lost something.

The thing that was lost was the magic as this was the year my Nan had died and she made Christmas so magical.

So now when I see the glint of magic in someone’s eye I see my Nan making Christmas special and magical for them.



Christmas Time, By Wayne

Christmas is a happy time with tinsel on the tree
The Christmas lights are flickering The films are on tv
The Christmas dinner is cooking The smell is drifting in the room,
We all sit at the table Dinner will be ready soon.
After we’ve had our dinner We play games and have some fun, My mum is watching tv Not ‘The sound of music again’!
I’ve early enjoyed Christmas Day But one makes me sad, There’s one person missing to enjoy this day “Merry Christmas Dad.”



We would like to wish all our supporters, friends of the project and the people who use the centre a very Happy Christmas! Thank you so much for all your support this year.

Happy Christmas from everyone at The Cathedral Archer Project image