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Is January Your New Start or Just Another Month?


For many people January brings with it a new start with hopes and resolutions. 

We have things to look forward to and plan for.  But for the homeless people who come through our doors it can often be a very different case. 

Gary’s story is an example of a life which began with hopelessness and despair but with the project’s help is now one of hope and aspiration.  

Gary came home from school aged 13 and his parents had left him. As a result he was in and out of care. A couple of years ago he tried to end his life but was brought to the project by police.

Since working with us and volunteering through our Partner Programme in the project and working closely with Sam our Outreach Worker he has entirely turned his life around and now has a job, accommodation and NVQ qualifications. 

This is an example of how with time, care and patience and access to the support and facilities at the project Gary is now leading a happy life. Like us, he is starting to plan for the future.

If you’d like to read more about our services and what we do to help other people like Gary please visit this link:

P.S. Gary says ‘If it wasn’t for you lot, I’d be on the streets, dead or locked up.


Is January Your New Start or Just Another Month? image