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Join our Lent Appeal!


Lent begins on the 10th February and lasts for 40 days ending on the 24th March and we are challenging you to give up something and to donate the cost you would spend to help the homeless.


Can you give a luxury up this Lent and donate what you would spend to help homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield? How about giving up chocolate, wine or takeaways? The money you save and donate will make a huge difference to the people we work with who have very little. 

Here are a few ideas you might like to try…

Your daily takeaway cuppa on the way into work?

Perhaps you could resist that weekend box of chocs or magazines?

However, if you aren’t sure you can live without your favourite food or drink, why not consider walking to work rather than driving or catching public transport?

Packing a lunch to work rather than nipping into town on your lunch break?

Swapping to an cheaper brand of tea or coffee?

These are just a few ideas but we would love to hear if you’re getting involved and what you’re giving up, so please let us know! Email Emily at

Giving up something for 40 days is easier than sleeping on the streets for 40 days.


 Give up and Help change a life

Join our Lent Appeal! image