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Breakfast Club Anniversary


This year is our second anniversary of Breakfast Club where businesses pay for a week of breakfasts at the project and then come in to serve it so they see first hand where their support is going. 

We currently have 15 members who to date have donated a fantastic £19,034 to the project. This is the equivalent of over 4000 breakfasts- which is amazing! Thank you so much, you're making such a difference to the lives of people with very little. 

Unify Business Solutions are the latest business to join. 

For Eddie Bird and Adam Esposito, Joint Managing Directors of Unify Business Solutions, the charity was one close to their hearts.

"We were all very keen to help out the Archer Project. Our work in the prison system meant we saw first-hand the struggles that many people find on the street and how many people fall into a cycle of street life and crime. The Archer Project works with people to keep them off the streets, offering support, educational and volunteering opportunities.”

If your business would like to join the club then please email Emily for more infromation at

Thank you!

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