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Beyond Street View


An exhibition titled 'Beyond Street View' has been created by our photography group and will offer visitors unfamiliar perspectives on Sheffield’s people, buildings, streets and open spaces.


'Beyond Street View', a creative arts project led by national education charity The Open College of the Arts (OCA), was commissioned earlier this year as part of the city’s Off the Shelf Festival of Words.

This culmination of the five month project was an exhibition where the work went on display in Bank Street Gallery near the city centre and further images were uploaded to, the Street View blog.

The aim of 'Beyond Street View' was to give our users experience as creative artists in interpreting a brief, creating work and putting on a public exhibition.

This is what they said about the project: “It’s nice to be recognised” “I’ve never done anything like this” “I now spend my money on photography not booze”

The images included in the exhibition and online gallery appear as they were, with no adjustment or embellishment other than the removal of dust and hairs from the negatives.

 The exhibition is currently on a national tour and is currently at Edge Hill University.

Edge Hill University is hosting the exhibition as part of the 2016 Festival of Ideas. This year’s theme for the Festival is Imagining Better – envisioning ways for communities, arts and healthcare to develop and flourish, even in times of austerity and inequality.

Sheffield-based photographer Mark Harvey, a Cathedral Archer Project volunteer who worked on the project said these images give an insight into the contradictory nature of urban life.

“What we started to see when the Cathedral Archer Project clients came in every Monday to share their work were the completely differing views and experiences they have of day-to-day life in Sheffield.

“One person’s images would depict the city as a place of beauty, hope and family. Others showed the struggles of homeless life with scenes of ‘sleeping rough’, substance abuse and make-shift homes.

“Overwhelmingly, the photographers who contributed to the Street View project are excited to share their work and the meaning behind it with anyone who wants to listen,” Mark said.

You can see more from the Mark and those involved in the project here: 


Beyond Street View image