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Regular Giving


Help us help others. 

A regular donation of £5 can be the start to help someone out of homelessness. £5 could pay for breakfast for someone and then from there they have access to all the other services we provide from medical care, clothing, showers and time with our project workers. 

We asked some of our current regular givers why they give to us regularly and here is why: 

'Every day I walk passed people asking for money by the train station, near the winter gardens and so on. I want to do something more constructive than just giving them loose change to spend who knows how, so looked for a local charity who worked with homeless people'

'I have a small but lovely bungalow and I give in appreciation of this. Also I think everyone has a right to a home of their own, regular giving helps Archer Project to plan their future budget'

'It’s easy to forget to donate and so doing it by direct debit makes sure I maintain my support for the project'

If you could help us in a small way by donating on a regular basis, you can make sure we can plan for the future and be there for whoever needs us, for as long as it takes. 

Please visit our website to download a form.

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