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Clay Modelling Workshop


The clay modelling workshop at the Cathedral Archer Project has been running since around Christmas time. 

Although (as the title would suggest) the majority of work being produced are Clay objects the sessions are about much more. It’s not the work we produce that defines its purpose, the magic is in the happening of the session.

The sessions are motivated by group interaction that brings with it an extraordinary dynamism, instigating imaginative work that is full of character. Responding to this environment makes for an exciting and unpredictable place to be.

All the ideas that have been generated have been encouraged by me but ultimately conceived by the workshops participants. Without the resource of exhibiting a display of our work we have been challenged to reinterpret it.

Taking Clay Modelling beyond its original form, spreading out in to mediums such as Animation, Photography, Creative Action, and even interviewing techniques that prompts artistic critique and interpretation. Making the workshop about much more than producing forms in clay.

The workshop has been a space to play, experiment and encourage imagination. I have seen developments in technical knowledge that has given me confidence to rely on this being passed on to new attendees. I have seen a growth in confidence and the bravery to work through self doubt bringing with it a sense of pride and achievement.

I am eternally grateful to the Cathedral Archer Project for giving me the opportunity to facilitate the Clay Modelling workshop and working with some wonderful people. It is no exaggeration when I say, it has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my life to date.

Clay Modelling Workshop image