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Mixed Up Lives


“I bet you think that someone should be able to recall their life so far... But when you’ve been homeless for lots of years and drunk (or worse) for most of them its not always that easy.

I was talking to one bloke at the Project over breakfast and I couldn’t make head nor tail of his life.  He’d been raised by his Nan but at 15 the story got real confused for me.... I was chatting to him for quite a long time you see and it changed a lot.  He’d been to a catholic school, but then he’d not been to school at all.  Later on he had a PHD.  He spoke really well so I think he must have been educated to some level.  He also showed me a book where he was writing down his life story and his handwriting was real good too.

When he told me his Nan had died not long ago I really felt for him.  For lots of us there’s been just one person who’s always stuck by us in some way. But then he started telling me she was rich but hadn’t left a will and so he had a solicitor who was working for free for him so he have the money she wanted him to and get off the streets.

Lovely bloke though, and what a story. I hope he manages to get it all down.”



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