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Sleep Out



"So I was asked to help with the Sleepout a few weeks ago with the staff and some people who’d come to raise money for the project.  We slept outside the front of the Cathedral.  It was well strange.

The public seems to feel safe there ... which is good I suppose or they wouldn’t do it... us regulars at the project didn’t know what to expect really.   We didn’t go to sleep, we stayed up and talked to Tracy and the volunteers all night.

They were a right good bunch of people who slept out.  They all raised sponsor money for the project an all. They weren’t snobby or owt, they actually wanted to listen and understand.  They were good.  There was something on inside the Cathedral at first.  When people came out they were right shocked to see us all in sleeping bags outside.  One bloke came over and said he’d like to volunteer on Christmas Day serving lunches.

Some people had brought cakes and buns and we got soup and hot drinks and then breakfast.  It was funny seeing all the people walking round like zombies the next morning having slept on a hard floor in the cold, an it was right cold that night.  We do it all the time before the Project helps us get somewhere to live and don’t think about it, but it was a right shock to them people.  

I sometimes think people think we chose to be homeless.  Well we don’t.  We don’t do it coz we want to, we just don’t know what else to do.  We’ve nowhere to go and no one who cares.  I think the people who came to the Sleepout understand more now.  Finding the Archer Project is the best thing that can happen to anyone in Sheffield – I know cos’ it was a while before I found it."


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