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The Cathedral Archer Project Sleep Out – March 2014


Our first Sleep Out of 2014 saw 50 fundraisers join us for a night outside the Cathedral.


The Sleep Out was a huge success  and we were overwhelmed by the support, motivation and enthusiasm of everyone who took part – thank you so much.

The night began with a tour of the Cathedral Archer Project and a chance to learn all about our work changing the lives of homeless adults.

After that, people were left to set up base. The best spots were chosen and people laid out their cardboard, roll mats and sleeping bags.

Cups of soup were handed out before everyone really settles down. Some when straight to sleep whilst others chatted until the early hours. Some struggled to get any sleep out at all – it’s all part of the experience!

When morning broke, we had breakfast and most returned to homes, families or jobs for the day. It was a day of reflection as we considered what it must be like to to live without the stability that comes with a home; without the guarantee of a bed, a place to cook, a place to wash, a place to live.

We did not attempt to recreate what it is like to be homeless- that would be frankly impossible. Homelessness exists in many forms and for many reasons – rough sleeping is simply the most visible, most commonly represented and most shocking symptom of it. However we hope the Sleep Out provides a snapshot into homelessness and a chance to learn about how the Cathedral Archer Project helps and changes the lives of homeless adults in Sheffield.

The thousands of pounds raised by the Sleep Out will help us continue our vital work with some of Sheffield’s most vulnerable.

Our next Sleep Out will take place on Saturday 12th July 2014. This brand new event, “My Sleep Out” will take a completely different format as we challenge groups to give up their beds for the night and sleep out, in your own place. It could be someone’s garden or a community space, it’s up to you. For more details on #MySleepOut and to register, please email 

The next Sleep Out at the Cathedral will take place in September 2014.

The Cathedral Archer Project Sleep Out – March 2014 image