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How Different a Twin Can Be


There’s one guy who’s always at the Project and I never get to talk to... we say hi as we pass on the street cos we recognise one another, but I haven’t a clue even what he’s called...

Today I got to talk to him.  Andy.  That’s his name.  He’s a twin.  But he’s homeless and his brother lives in a big house with his wife and kids and has a right good job.  Mad isn’t it.

Like loads of us, by the time he was a teenager both Andy’s parents were dead.  Less said about the care system the better.  He chose the wrong girl, his brother chose the right one.  That’s what Andy thinks.  He says his brother’s girl pushed him to do well coz she wanted the house and car and money.  Andy’s girl was an addict and was violent.  He eventually got away from her when she attacked a copper.

He pitched a tent near some railway lines and went into a cinema every day to get warm.  He used to tell the ticket bloke that he’d just been out for a smoke.  He went into a hostel but it didn’t work out there. Then he found the Archer project.

The Project helped him get a flat.  He says he owed a lot of money but has got himself straight now.  He’s even got a mate living with him so he’s not on the streets.

He’s right proud of himself Andy is.  He says he’s not been in trouble with the coppers for five years now and he’s going to be volunteering at the Project soon.  He gets bits of work though them like putting Christmas cards in envelopes and gets paid for it.  He also helped write a book through the Project.  He can still get a bit cheeky and has had warnings about his language and jokes ... but he says he wants to stop that so he doesn’t get himself into trouble again.

Glad I got to talk to him, top lad is Andy.


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