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Chris' Story


One of our service users, Chris, recently gave this talk at our Christmas Carol service. We were so impressed we'd thought we'd reproduce it here for all of our supporters to read!

 'Before I went to the Archer all I did was sit in my flat and take drugs – which made me really depressed. I had the same routine day after day, the more drugs I took the more depressed I became. I just knew I had to do something about my life or I would not make it to Christmas.

I went to the Archer and told the staff the kind of life I was living and asked them for help. They offered me a volunteering role six months ago. And since then I have started to turn my life around. I also started a class at the project called the Brink so that people with drug problems could get together and help each other.

After a couple of months I got nominated as a recovery volunteer of the year – I never thought I had a chance of winning until they called my name out. It is the first thing I have ever won and I felt so proud because I am doing something I really love doing – and getting an award for it.

So now I am off drugs and I look forward to getting up in the mornings and I will be spending Christmas Day with my 14 year old son for the first time in years.

I am so happy that I reached out and asked for the help I needed. Over Christmas I hope I can volunteer and help people just as much as I was helped. I want to say thanks to everyone at the Archer Project for making me so happy and to wish you all a good Christmas.'

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