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Cambodia Trek to Angkor Wat


Trek to the top of Kulen Mountain and the temples of Angkor Wat.

This challenge starts in Siem Reap, ideally situated to explore the ancient capital of the mighty Khmer Empire. You trek over the hills, through the valleys and dense forests of the surrounding area, ascending to the upper plain of Kulen Mountain.

This region is rich not only in history but in beautiful landscapes and the rural way of life which has little changed for centuries. The trek will be hot and dusty, but the famous smiles of this remarkably friendly country will carry us on to our finish point at Angkor Wat, one of the most renowned and impressive sights in Southeast Asia. Littered with temples, Angkor Wat provides the most amazing of finish lines to our epic challenge.

This trek takes place over five days and stretches 95km.

The famous smiles of this remarkably friendly country will carry you on to the finish point at Angkor Wat, where you'll explore the ancient capital of the mighty Khmer Empire!
Please see the Cambodia Trek to Angkor Wat Brouchure for further details.
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