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Can you or your team tackle the Fit-A-Thon Challenge?

The Cathedral Archer Project with Sheffield Cathedral and The Fitness Truck offers you the chance to test out your fitness in a 12 hour fitness challenge.

You can either take part in our INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE or our TEAM CHALLENGE.

Beginning at 8am and finishing at 8pm the indiviudal challenge involves 20minutes of intensive exercise every hour whether on an exercise bike, rowing machine or with gym balls. To take part you need to raise £750.

Or test out your fitness with your colleagues in our team challenge. Compete against other companies across Sheffield to see who can run, and row the furthest and throw as many gym balls as possible in 25 minutes. Entry costs £250 per team in addition to raising sponsorship.


Why get involved in Fit-A-Thon?

James was homeless because of a drug-related dispute. When he was 27 he moved to Sheffield and after two and a half years of being homeless, and a life of running and drug addiction he decided to change. He started to engage with the Drug and Alcohol Services and with the Archer Project. The early days of his recovery were anxious times, as he suffered from high anxiety and bouts of depression. Through volunteering in the project, eventually on three days each week, James started to grow in confidence; within a few months with our help he had sorted out his benefits, registered with a doctor’s surgery  and had begun to work with the local housing office to find a place to live.

With sustained contact at the Project James took on new challenges. He began to be involved in Just Works, eventually gaining paid work through their cleaning contracts and in-house printing business.

It was in 2016 that James gained his own flat, a home that was his own for the first time in eight years. And in 2018 he was made Operations Manager of Printed By Us providing him with a part time job to support his partner and the arrival of their triplets. In his own words he has gained ‘the courage and strength to live life on life’s terms. And loving it!”


Fit-A-Thon promises to be a great deal of fun, giving your employees and co-workers the opportunity to burn off some calories together and gain some “bragging rights” while making a really positive contribution to improving the lives of some of Sheffield’s most vulnerable people.


The Key Info

Timings: 8am-8pm

Location: Sheffield Cathedral Forecourt

Two Challenges: Individual or in a team of 4


For further details and to register your interest contact: