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Sleep Out - Postponed


Your health and safety is of the upmost importance to us at the Archer Project, and as result we have made the decision to postpone our sleep out with Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall and Retail Park. Please keep an eye out for further information.
Join us and Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall on March 27th and sleep out under the stars to support our work with homeless people in Sheffield.


13 years ago we held our first ever sleep out at Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall, so it seems fitting that in 2020, our 30th year we head back to where it all began.

On that night 13 years ago Lee joined us for the sleep out as someone who uses our project. On the 27th March he'll join us again but this time to share his experiences about what sleeping rough was like, and the steps he's taken to build a happy and fulfilling life.

Since that first sleep out many people have chosen to spend the night roughing it on roof tops, in open spaces, on concrete pavements, and in car parks. Could you be one of the next people to rough it?


Why Sleep Out?

Everyone who takes part experiences what it is like to sleep on the streets for just one night, without the creature comforts we might take for granted in our own homes.

One past participant stated that “it [the Sleep Out] is the best way to get a glimpse of what it is like to be homeless, cold, and tired, and it really furthers your understanding of the difficulties this creates.”


How Sleeping Out Helps

We ask that everyone who takes part in the Sleep Out aims to try and raise a minumum of £100. This goes towards helping us support homeless adults from sleeping bag through to employment and an enjoyable and fulfilling life. 

On average 75 people use our centre five days a week. Over a year this is c.1200 people who access our service. In Sheffield at the start of 2020 there are c.30 individuals who rough sleep every night. By Sleeping Out for one night you are helping to raise awareness and vital funds to support these people and help them off the streets. 

Read more about what we do here.


What to Bring on the Night?

A sleeping bag

A sleeping mat

A torch to help you see in the dark

Warm clothes, it will get cold as the night goes on. 


So be part of this amazing experience; join us and Crystal Peaks and sleep rough for a night!


For any questions, further information, or having trouble purchasing tickets then let us know on 0114 321 2318 or email