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The 30/30 Challenge


This year is our 30th anniversary. We would love 30 businesses / groups to get on board and get involved in marking the occasion with us.


Our Idea


Everyone that signs up will have 30 weeks to grow £30 into as much fundraising as possible. It would be amazing if everyone came together to help us raise an amazing £30,000 in our 30th year.


How it will work


Each participating group will start with £30 and it is then open to each group to use whatever methods they wish (all legal of course) to work in collaboration with, or in 'healthy competition' to beat your fellow fundraisers to raise the most cash and show everyone what they are made of!

For lots of fundraising ideas and more information about the challenge itself then you can download our pack: Archer Project 30 30 Challenge Pack



When do the 30 weeks start?


The official launch date will be annoucned shortly. However, the sooner you sign up the longer you have to start thinking of ideas and getting the ball rolling. 


How to sign up


If you want to be involved then get in touch with Lynne Urpeth today:

Once signed up Lynne and Emily will be on hand throughout the challenge to support you with your ideas, events and fundraising. 

The Archer Project is also on JustGiving so once your all registered create your page here and then you should be linked up to our campaign page so you'll be able to see what other organisations are raising too and where you are on the leaderboard. 


If you have any questions along the way please let us know.