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Treasure Hunt


What is a Virtual Christmas Treasure Hunt?


Our virtual scavenger hunt is an online competition where you will race to complete challenges or find items in your own home and garden (if you have one) before the time limit ends. Some challenges will be as easy as finding an item and others will be a simple challenge such as taking selfies with a pet, baking homemade brownies, or performing a handstand. The most important thing is that this will be fun to do and have results that are easy to photograph or video.


What you will need to do to take part in our Virtual Christmas Treasure Hunt


  • Register to receive your challenge sheet
  • Encourage your friends to register too so that you can all compete
  • Download and print (optional) the list of items and challenges
  • Ensure you have a fully charged phone that is capable of taking photos and videos. 
  • Upload your answers to each challenge to the Challenge Sheet as you complete them.
  • Set time aside to complete the challenges
  • Return the challenge sheet to us before the deadline – make sure all your answers are on there.
  • Have fun!!!


Virtual Christmas Treasure Hunt Rules (Santa approved)


  • All items must be found in your house and garden if you have one; no leaving your location!
  • Each item can only be used once to fulfill an entry.
  • All photos or videos must be taken by the players—no screenshots, please!
  • Upload all your photos and videos to the challenge sheet to allow us to mark your answers.
  • Possible 50 points to score.
  • Any responses submitted after the time frame are ineligible.
  • You will have from Monday 7th December to midday Thursday 17th December 2020 to complete and submit your answers.
  • Only one submission per registration.
  • Stay safe. At no point will the game require players to perform challenges that are dangerous or against COVID regulations.


With these rules, you can play fairly and safely. Virtual scavenger hunts work best when players abide by the rules so that final scores can be easily and clearly calculated.

Have fun searching!