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Please read our latest stories below (names and images changed to protect identities).

Steph shares her volunteer story!

Steph shares her volunteer story!

Steph, one of our fab volunteers is leaving and she has shared what she has got out of helping at the project. 


Homelessness is something that I have always thought a lot about so deciding to investigate it for my third year dissertation just made sense and was the perfect opportunity to delve in and find out more.  I have always wondered about the stories behind homelessness and if it was at all possible for me to find out if a solution was out there somewhere.  I decided that in order for me to write a 10,000-word essay on homelessness, information off the internet just wouldn’t suffice.  I had to get myself out there, engage with those who knew it the most, those who had suffered and are suffering it.  I wanted to become involved in some way.


I contacted the Cathedral Archer Project and became a volunteer two days a week.  From the offset I was involved in most aspects of the project.  As the weeks went by I often found myself forgetting about my dissertation investigation.  I found myself wanting to be at CAP to help others.


Week by week clients grew to know me and I began to know them.  I learnt early on that to build a strong relationship with clients could often take months sometimes years but the astounding staff at CAP had managed this.  Strong and trusting relationships were definitely present at CAP between staff and clients and were visible daily.  The relationship between staff and clients was something that stood out to me from the beginning.  I soon understood that for clients, CAP is a lifeline and a place they treasure.  For them it feels safe here, it’s a friendly face on a dull morning.


Hearing clients’ stories over my time at CAP is something that will always be a big part of my experience.  For them to feel able to open up to me meant a great deal and those stories will stay with me for a lifetime.


CAP has given me an unforgettable experience and although I may have helped clients at CAP with a friendly face in the morning, an ear to listen to, placed their washing in the machine or helped make a phone call, the clients at CAP have helped me.  They have helped me to realise that homelessness can happen to anyone.  To me, to you, to the person sat next to you.  Homelessness does not define a person.  Homelessness is not a self-contained event but a series of events that happen in a person’s life and the way in which those events have affected that person.


Being involved in CAP is one of the most rewarding things I have done to date.  The courage the clients have and the smiles that still appear on their faces during such a difficult life event is astonishing.

The Wake Out - Caroline's Experience of the Sleep Out

The Wake Out - Caroline's Experience of the Sleep Out

18th of March 2016 – the night of The Sleep Out in aid of The Cathedral Archer Project! Or as I dubbed it at 10 to 6 the following morning “The Wake Out”.....

Total Linguistics Share their Sleep Out Experience!

Total Linguistics Share their Sleep Out Experience!

On Friday 18th of September, Total Linguistics’ Directors Michelle Daniel and Eleanor Bagust swapped the comfort of their warm beds for a night sleeping on the streets of Sheffield City Centre. The purpose of the sleep out, organised by the Sheffield Archer Project, was to raise awareness and money for the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield.

Thanks to the generous donations from their supporters the pair raised a fantastic £831.26, which will go towards funding some of the vital services the charity provides such as food, showers, laundry, fresh clothes and access to medical services.


The night itself was an insightful and thoughtful experience for the two directors,
‘It was both thought-provoking and saddening to meet homeless people in Sheffield. The reasons people end up on the streets are so varied. Clients of the project showed us where they slept, often behind bins in dark alleyways. They explained some of the issues they faced on a daily basis such as not being able to get dry if it rains or the constant fear of being attacked’ Michelle explained.

Eleanor also added ‘We were able to come home in the morning and have a warm shower and clean clothes, the thought of not having somewhere safe and warm to go to every evening is unimaginable. Going through this has given us a small glimpse of what it is like to be on the streets and has made us so much more aware of the issue'. 

Huge thank you to Michelle and Ellie for joining us and raising a fantastic amount to help the homeless in Sheffield.

B. Braun Experiences the Sleep Out

B. Braun Experiences the Sleep Out

It’s been a few months since the cold evening in March when Tom Mundy, Graeme Cameron and Lindsey Hible took part in the Cathedral Archer Project Sleep Out in Sheffield City Centre.  This has given them all plenty of time to reflect on the evening and also appreciate what we all have that we often take for granted.

Thanks has to go to everyone that sponsored the trio and to those gave them much needed encouragement and support prior to and during the Sleep Out.  Through colleagues, friends and family, they managed to raise a fantastic amount of £1,120, which when doubled by B.Braun as agreed by Hans, gave a final total of £2,240!  This broke all of our expectations and smashed the initial target of £300, so thank you all once again!

With our money combined with that of the other individuals and company representatives attending the Sleep Out, over £8,000 (and growing) was raised for the Archer Project!  This money should be of great assistance to the project and will have also spread awareness of the charity.

'Thinking Out Loud'

'Thinking Out Loud'

On Friday 20th March we held a sleep out at the Cathedral. Following the event we asked the people who took part to pledge to do something. One of the things we asked our supporters was to write a story/blog of their experience. This is a particularly thought provoking example of one individual’s experience of sleeping on the streets.

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