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Suzanne's Story

We believe homelessness isn’t a choice, sometimes it’s the effects of trauma, hardships, tragedy, and for Suzanne, it was the effects of many years of domestic abuse.

Paul's Story

“A lot of people said to me ‘why didn’t you turn to drink or drugs?’ but the thought never crossed my mind."

Paul's life turned upside down when he split up with his wife and went on to become homeless. This is his story.

Chris' Story

‘’For someone to care and trust me, that was most life changing.”

Chris is 37 and has lived through traumatic experiences that would be incomprehensible to most, including abuse, addiction and slavery. This is his story.

Danielle's Story

“Being on the street, it is all about surviving. You go into a default mode of survival”.

Danielle was severely bullied at school, and not long after falling pregnant at fifteen, she found herself homeless. This is her story.

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